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Go-Nga Thang
ight clear egg drop soup with spinach & tomato


Mo-Mo (Dumplings)
A favorite national dish in Tibet. Traditionally eaten
with your fingers but watch out for the juice!
Served with a special house sauce.


Gyathuk Ngopa
Fresh pan fried noodle with a choice of beef or chicken


Soup and Salad/Starters

Mo-Mo (Dumplings)

Meat Dishes

Yak Dishes

Vegetarian Dishes

Pasta Dishes from LHASA— “The Land of Angels”

Fresh Breads and Rice/Desserts/Beverages

Beer and Wine

We serve filtered water



In Tibetan tradition, food assumes great significance and is an integral part of all religious rituals and celebrations. Tibetans believe food not only feeds the body but also nourishes the soul. Hence, utmost care and attention is given to all aspects of food preparation and delivery. Subtle seasonings are balanced with ginger and Emma, a peppercorn spice with special electric zing found only on the Tibetan plateau.

Tibet lies in the heart of Asia, sandwiched between the two Asian giants, India and China who have a very rich civilization and wide array of specialized cuisines. Like many aspects of Tibetan culture, these two very different cultural giants also influence Tibetan food. Yet, Tibetan food has maintained its unique identity and taste. Its subtle seasoning and liberal use of ginger and garlic mark authentic Tibetan food. Tibetan food is well known for its freshness, simplicity and inventiveness.



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